Anti Drone Laser System

Anti Drone Laser System

Laser pan-tilt systems

Most effective laser system against drones and other targets.

Type of targets: drones, katyusha, mortars, rpg, land mine neutralization, optical electronic devices and etc.

Novel  class of  molecular lasers  with power 2000-5000w  integrated with adaptive telescope and  precision platforms will be a highly effective tool for protection of  numerates premises such as:
airports, nuclear and other plants, embassies, military and civilian infrastructures.
It can be  safely used  in populated areas.

Advantages  of new technology:

  • 2-3 times more effective against drones vs.fiber lasers
  • laser emission is eye safer vs.  Fiber lasers
  • laser's beam has low turbulent distortion vs. Fiber lasers
  • laser beam concentration is more effective vs. Fiber lasers by use  unique  methods of non-linea phenomena
  • significant low cost of repair vs. Fiber  lasers
  • high reliability,  low maintenance and simplicity of technology



Laser Power


Wave Length

 9.0-10.6 mic ( eye safe range )

Laser Efficiency


Weight of optical module

 60 kg/110 lb

Effective Range


Typical Time of Disabling the Drones

 1-5 sec (depending on the distance)

Electrical Requirements:



 Low Water rate 4 l/min

Ambient Temperature

 5-40 C



LASER EMISSION has Most Effective Absorption vs. fiber laser emission, by the following Materials:

  • Carbon Graphite
  • Any Plastics
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • any other nonmetals
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel

More powerful version of the laser modules can be offered with power up to 5-6kw and the effective range up to 1 .5 km

Laser ALKRAS, 1500W, 300m, 1,5 mm of steel (video)

More powerful version
of the laser modules can be offered with power up to 5-6 kw and the effective range up to 1.5 km