Режим TEM00

При выборе режима TEM00
Mode the Optical Factor of the quality is M2, which consume about of 90% of the Beam’s energy at the Intensity level e-2.

For the “A” Mode the optical Factor is M, which consume already about 90% of the Beam’s Energy at the Intensity level e-1.In the case of “A” Mode we use the Optical Magnification X1.5 or X2 which helps to reduce the focus spot size accordingly in 1.5 or 2 times

All our High Speed Cutting records have been achieved with “A” mode for the wide range of the thickness materials from 1mm and up to 12.7mmand this mode should be taken as the most efficient and the optimal for Material Processing.  This advantage of “A” mode gives 20% more efficiency for the material processing as cutting than TEM00 mode, keeping the minimal heat zone and very sharp edges.

High Optical Quality of Output Beam  and  Stability at all Power Levels

TEM00: M2<1.2