Welcome to our Support Page.

Are you having a technical issue or question?

If you are experiencing an issue that is not covered in your laser manual, contact us. We will analyze your request and work quickly to find a solution.

Our support team is available 24/7 to help and assist with any question you have.


Field Service

If we can’t solve the problem over the phone, the professional field service representative will arrive to your facility to help with any problem. We try to get to to your business during 48 hours from the moment of scheduling the visit.



Modern high power lasers for material processing are quite easy to handle today, many production processes and applications can be improved by competent knowledge of laser technology and application.


Spare Parts

The availability of a laser parts is essentially up to the immediate delivery to our customers.
We offer product specific spare parts by service team. With a quick delivery of spare parts we help our customers to ensure a smooth production process.