The laser has a unique internal cavity design inside the optical resonator. The design also incorporates new approaches to where exactly the excitation of the gas molecules occurs. He added that the design ultimately creates an optical efficiency of between 16 and 17 percent.


Another factor is the beam mode characteristics. The Alkras system uses an “A” mode beam profile. In this, the beam uses a high amount of energy in the center; moving out toward the end of the beam profile, the energy quickly decreases and, near the edge of the beam diameter, increases again dramatically before rapidly falling toward zero.

According to the company, the high energy at the beam’s center helps penetrate the material quickly, while the high energy near the edge of the beam diameter helps produce a clean cut. As a result of the laser in ‘A’ mode, 95 percent of the beam’s energy goes directly to the cutting kerf.



Average Power 700 W


Average Power 1000 W


Average Power 1500 W


Average Power 2500 W