The company founder & Russian scientist, Alexander V. Krasnov, developed this breakthrough technology with the help of his brother, Yuri Krasnov, in 1997. Overcoming many obstacles, the brothers were able to create extraordinary laser technology that is comparable to many multimillion dollar companies today from Europe.

This technology has been improved upon from day one of founding of the company and is now patented. The patented technology touches upon the principals of science in a broad range, allowing it to provide the functionality and versatility it is known for today.
Through the years, Alexander V. Krasnov has developed several types of lasers for different applications in addition to the main technology which the company prides itself.

Today, our company is the OEM Molecular laser company. It offers Molecular lasers of Series AL from 700 to 2500 watts of output power with different modes and wavelengths.

The simplicity of technological power developed by Alexander V. Krasnov gives significant cost reduction of lasers compared to any other well-known laser company in the world. The advantages of this technology also include its compact size, efficiency, economical operations, and ease of maintenance. This technology provides a better choice for the consumer to  invest their money wisely.

Look for this innovative technology to be presented to you in the near future!


It is 3,000 sq. feet state of the art facility with the highest quality equipment.  The facility has application lab, machine shop and specially designed areas for tests and assembly line